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Get a Green Card with us! Did you know that over the years up to 40% of all Green Card Lottery participants have been disqualified because of simple mistakes in their application? There are a lot more unbeatable reasons why you should participate in the Green Card Lottery with The America's FastPass!

Benefits of a large Green Card agency

By participating in the Green Card Lottery with The America's FastPass, you can be sure that your application will be submitted correctly and on-time. Our Green Card experts check your application for accuracy twice and are here to guide you through every step of the Green Card application process. So you can lay-back, relax and dream about moving to the USA. In the following chart you can see all benefits of participating with us at a glance.

Chances of winning with us

The odds of winning a Green Card with us, according to statistics gathered over decades, lie between 1:25 and 1:50 (depending on region and year). This means almost one out of every 25 participants wins a Green Card with us. Since 2003, the US has required that all Green Card applications be submitted online and since then the number of applications has decreased considerably.

Moreover, every year more than 40% of all participants are disqualified due to various formal errors. Since the US authorities don't inform them about their mistakes, many people participate year after year again, not knowing that it is impossible for them to win.

That's when The America's FastPass comes into play:

We check every application multiple times and individually in order to prevent errors and to make the best out of each entry. That's why we can guarantee timely and correct participation. We have more than 20 years of experience with US immigration and can, therefore, provide excellent customer service when it comes to all different kinds of Green Card Lottery topics.

And the statistics prove we are right: Every year again, more than 50% of all Green Card lottery winners from Germany have participated with our help. Since we are a German based company and many of our customers come from Germany, this is a fantastic result. It reflects our knowledge and expertise and shows that a participation with us is well worth it.

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As the rule goes, if one wins, then everyone wins. Sending in more than one Green Card application is not allowed and those who try to participate in the official Green Card Lottery more than once will be automatically disqualified. There is one exception: Married couples can each send in a Green Card Lottery application and double their chances to win a Green Card – a clear advantage for married couples! If one of the spouses wins, then all children under the age of 21 also enjoy the right to get a Green Card.

Bottom line: It is easier to win a Green Card than it is to play 3 numbers right in the lottery. It is even easier than rolling two sixes while playing dice.

Guaranteed participation and certification

We guarantee your participation in the US Green Card Lottery! Every Green Card application is personally and individually reviewed by our international team of Green Card experts. After we have personally processed your Green Card application and successfully submitted it correctly and on-time to the US authorities, you will receive a message from us confirms your participation in the Green Card Lottery.

Comprehensive worry-free service

In addition to being here for you when you win, our Green Card team is here to provide guidance. It does not matter if you plan to submit an application or already have, we are here to answer your questions. You can contact us daily 24 hours either per phone, e-mail or by using our online chat function – even on Sundays and holidays!

Our trained staff supervise the entire application process, take on all the necessary formalities and send you a letter notifying you of your personal Green Card Lottery results.

Two application reviews

It is not uncommon for customers to ask us the question: “Will my application really be reviewed by a real person or only a computer?”

Our competent, international Green Card team personally gives every Green Card application and photo a thorough review. Every application is then cross-checked before the Green Card application is submitted to the US authorities. If there are any unanswered questions or there is something unclear in your application, we will get in contact with you to make sure that there are no mistakes in your application.

Our staff looks at every photo to make sure all photos meet the requirements. Here the same is true: two times is better than once. If your photos do not meet the requirements, our team will personally contact you. With two Green Card application reviews, your participation in the Green Card Lot

Year-round registration

The US authorities only allow applications to be submitted within a designated 30-day period. With The America's FastPass, you can apply for the official Green Card Lottery any time of the year.

Benefits of applying with us:

1. The earlier the lower the prices: Customer who apply early to participate in the Green Card Lottery receive a discount.

2. After applying, you can sit back and relax. We guarantee that your Green Card application will be submitted correctly and on-time to the US authorities.

Exclusive information guide and advising for winners

In addition to a 56-page information guide containing helpful tips and detailed instructions on how to continue with the Green Card application process, all our Green Card winners receive exclusive access to our extensively informative web-based winner info-center. We also provide an extra hotline for winners so their questions can be personally answered. Furthermore, every winner receives exclusive access to our winners’ forum which has more than 50,000 entries from current or previous Green Card winners. Here you can share your “Green Card” experience or learn about “Moving to the USA” from others. This forum has been of significant help to 19,000 of our customers who are in or on their way to the USA. It provides a place to network as well as a place to stay up-to-date on the most recent USA news. Moreover, our Green Card experts are personally available to answer all your Green Card questions before and after the lottery. So give us a call or write us an email!